Sure-Fire Ways to Ignite the Right Flame of Creativity in Your Respective Logo Design

What makes a brand leave an everlasting impact on the minds of the individual who are engaging it?

While, there are several different elements which makes a particular brand outshine among the others, one such element that holds significance is none other but a smartly created logo.

Just the other day, I was having a cup of coffee with one of my closest friend who also happens to be a logo designer. Since, I have been always one with peaking curiosity at mind, I was inclined to ask him this specific question,

“Jackie, what makes you design such powerful logo for your clients and customers?”

And she replied,

“Let me tell you one thing, everything that glitters is not gold. Logo design can become quite overwhelming. Even the most simplest of tasks can compel you to think over and over again. When it comes to designing the perfect logo, than placing your company’s name in shapes and colors ain’t everything. You gotta have to take a deeper delve into things.”

After that, he went on forth describing how he successfully made logos for various multinational firms and believe it or not, he found his inspirations in the smallest of things in life. Sometimes, in order to meet the demands of his prospect, he would delve into deep competitor research and sometimes he had to toil around with different colors until he wasn’t accurately dot point sure that he has created a masterpiece.  

Such is the glistening life of a professional logo designer, always locked headlong within challenges of creativity. Keeping that in mind, I am writing this article to help other design enthusiast to understand how they can bring different levels of creativity into their respective logo designs purposefully.  

Here are sure–fire ways to ignite the flame of creativity into your respective logo design.

Playing with the Color Psychology

Colors play an important role in each of our lives. The right colors used in the perfect manner can easily grasp an individual’s attention. It can communicate ideas to the subconscious part of the brain in mysterious ways. For some, it is also known that it brings visual illustration to life without much effort. Hence, it is highly important that you are fully aware regarding the impact of different colors on mind.

Have you ever noticed that many fast food restaurant logo designs often have red and yellow colors in cohesion. Now, it wasn’t just a coincidence that 8 out of every 10 restaurant has used those colors. There is a strong motivator behind it; it is found that red and yellow color when used together plays a role in shifting the mood of the observer. Red trigger appetite whereas yellow emit the feeling of happiness.

Logo designers who understand the psychology behind colors will eventually learn to combine and play.

Never Startout Without Inspiration

If there was no Bill Gates, will there be several other Operating Systems working in the market. Someplace, somewhere a prodigy pioneers an idea which becomes a source of inspiration for many others. Because without inspiration Alexander wouldn’t have conquered half the world. Similarly, without inspiration, the mind would create but it would surely fail to create something of true essence.

Inspiration is the holy grail behind creativity. Most logo designers spend a whole lot of time watching videos, visiting museums, talking to professionals, watching theaters and doing a whole lot of other things, all in the wake to trigger their inspiration. Hence, if you want your creative juice to start running, go ahead! Start seeking your inspiration. It can also be in the smallest of things that you do everyday.

Anything that excites you or give you awesome ideas, is something worth feeling inspired of.

Become an Integral Part of the Brand

So before you move ahead with the big idea of creating a custom logo design for your prospect; take some time out and explore about their brand. Who are your clients? What do they do? How do they do it? How are they unique? What is it that they offer? What are their values? What is their vision? What is their dream?

All your questions can only be answered if you take some time and research upon them. There is no harm in learning about them; after all, you are making the front-face of their respective business, the logo. You can also ask your prospect to give you to some of their previous logo designs and then take certain inspirations. One way or the other, make it your aim to become a part of the brand for which you are working. Only then will you be truly able to tap into the creative elements and create the perfect logo.

Sketch Your Logo Using Pen & Paper

Whoever talked you into going right over to PhotoShop Illustrator and start experimenting with the tools was indeed a non-creative individual. No logo can ever truly become successful unless it is not penned down on a piece of paper. You want to flesh out some really good ideas, they are not going to happen on the Illustrator. You can only create them on a piece of paper just like you made the ones at the back of your classroom notebooks.

Sketching out ideas help you test your skills to the maximum. And the best thing about sketching is that you are an absolute free soul. It means that you can create any master-piece of your particular desire. You can add various elements and create multiple copies of your logo design and bring everything to life. In fact, you can travel down into the finer details and master the complete design by adding more to it.

So these are some of the important tips which I learned from my beloved friend Jackie. Just like creating any other visuals, you need to brainstorm the entire process in your mind; you have to do the exact same thing when it comes to logo design. In fact, you have to brainstorm up a level. After all, a logo represents the company! I hope this has been an informative read for you guys, until next time 🙂


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