How Is Human Cloud Transforming the Design Industry?

Human cloud, a term that emerged during the pandemic, is set to becoming a buzzword pretty soon. With the people getting stuck inside their homes and work from home becoming the new norm, the human cloud is helping millions of small- and large-scale organizations to operate collaboratively without gathering at a physical space. However, industries weren’t known that this would prove to be a disruptive innovation for most of them.

The industry of designing is also one of them. The work environment has drastically changed in the smallest span of time as most people are locked inside their homes, and companies have no choices than to allow work from home or rely upon those freelancers, they have been pushing aside for quite a long time. As the demand for freelancers increases, the human cloud becomes more and more significant for it provides an incredible means of connecting with the freelance designers.

Though freelancers are a part of the design industry for quite a long period of time, their significance wasn’t as recognized as in these times. Thus, if you are still not known to what and how is human cloud transforming the design industry then you are surely behind the time.

Better late than never, dive into this blog and learn the basics of the human cloud to make designing an easy affair amid this pandemic and even afterward.

What Is Human Cloud?

How Is Human Cloud Transforming the Design Industry?

To tell you the truth, this isn’t a really complex scientific term. The human cloud is simply the ability to connect one human with the other digitally with the help of the internet. It’s the capability to connect without being physically together. The Internet had given that capability to us long before this pandemic but it took us quite a long time to discover the opportunities it offers.


Decoding ─ How Is Human Cloud Transforming the Design Industry?

For the word human cloud is new to most people, it seems to attract a lot of attention and the people are much curious to learn about it as well. However, to burst your bubble of curiosity, that isn’t a big fat complicated technology. But the same old internet of things connecting people from different parts of the world without any physical interaction. Unlike many, we won’t pool in the bulk of technical terminologies to make the term look complicated and worthy. We are keeping it as simple as it is. The human cloud is transforming the design industry by attracting great attention towards the freelance designers, design outsourcing companies, and platforms that offer online design services via contests, etc. in the times when physical interactions have been minimized to null.

Take a look at how the human cloud is transforming the design industry and making design easier like never before.


Creating A Variety of Options

As an employer, the human cloud provides you with great benefits and the variety of options tops among them. With this new approach, you don’t have to rely on a single creative mind i.e. your inhouse graphic designer. Instead, you can hire a different designer for each different project in compliance with its needs and requirements via the human cloud.


Making Design Faster and Cost Efficient

Unlike hiring an inhouse designer, hiring a designer via human cloud i.e. freelancers, outsourcing companies, etc. is cost-efficient and faster in many ways. You don’t have to go through the affairs of HR and interview neither you need to pay the overhead costs for an in-house designer. With the human cloud, you just hire a dedicated designer when you need one and the contract is over as soon as your project.


Making the Work Culture Easy and Flexible

With the human cloud, the work culture of the design industry is becoming easy and flexible. Instead of spending nine straight hours at work, designers are capable of working at their best productivity hours and coming up with better results in fewer times with the human cloud. This easiness and flexibility are allowing them to learn more skills and become proficient at their work. Also, the traveling time and expense are being saved that used to be a great cause of stress for working people.

To put it all condensed, the human cloud is all about connecting with the world while sitting inside your homes. And for the design industry, it has come up with great benefits such as reducing the excessive design costs, transforming the stressful work culture into easy and flexible, producing a variety of options for designs, as well as maximizing the productivity level of each and every designer working via the human cloud.


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