5+ Tips for LinkedIn to do an Effective Recruitment

Around 800+ million users around the globe use LinkedIn to hire or get hired and establish connections.

It used to be commonly used for recruitment purposes only but it’s also used for sharing content and maintaining professional relationships. It’s the only place where you can post about your job openings repetitively and people won’t get annoyed.

Recruiters both fresh and seasonal can job their jobs on it and get highly skilled candidates. It’s good to always audit and changes your hiring strategy, here are some tips you can adopt for your LinkedIn recruitment process.



  • Update your LinkedIn Business Profile

LinkedIn Business Profile
Source: aplos.ca

Updating your company’s business profile helps you to represent and create your first impression on your hires.

The more professional your page is optimized and looks the more are the chances to get more resumes organically.

It’s always a good approach to refresh your hiring strategy which helps you make sure that you are not missing anything out. If there are some major updates or changes you might want to update your LinkedIn profile.

For example: Increment in Job Requirements, Payment, Change in contact details, etc.


  • Update your Personal Profile

LinkedIn personal Profile
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Make sure while focusing on your company business profile you don’t miss out on optimizing your profile. When you post a job people can see who is the recruiter and would not want it to be spam or fake profile, so make sure you have a detailed bio, couple of connections, and your profile is updated featuring your history and your current working company mentioned in your profile.

The second most important part of your id is your profile picture. Make sure your profile picture is professional and not a random profile picture from Facebook or Instagram, if you don’t have a proper display picture you might want to get one done.

Once you post about your job opening on your profile it provides you with an option to display LinkedIn build in #Hiring frame which overlaps your profile picture letting the candidates know you are hiring by just looking at your profile picture which always contributes, so make sure you have that feature on.


  • Upgrade your Marketing Game

You would not want your business page dead, try to be as active as possible posting relevant content on your profile page which satisfies your business niche and goals.

As a company, you would want to establish yourself as a top shark of your niche so the recruiters and prospective employees feel like they are going for the meaningful pick.

LinkedIn offers more paid features like the LinkedIn Careers Page section where you can feature your company details and add as much information you want that assists fresh candidates to know about your company briefly.


  • Join Relevant Groups

LinkedIn is a vital recruitment tool for you which means you need to stay active on it and engage and establish and maintain connections on it.

One of the best ways to find people related to your niche is to join groups, that will provide you with massive exposure towards the people having similar interests and might help you to convert them into your valuable customers or get more skilled hires next time you publish jobs.

Not every industry is present on LinkedIn. Some industries like Information Technology and financial services have a huge presence and it won’t be difficult to establish connections.


  • Establish and Maintain Connections

LinkedIn profiles get stronger with more connections. The more connections you have the better the chances of getting the right candidate. LinkedIn makes it hassle-free to locate alumni related to your field or people with some experience, especially when personal profiles are all set up with past educational and employment history.

Having more connections doesn’t mean you can start to add every other person you find on LinkedIn, try to add people with whom you are acquainted with or know personally, or you hold a proper reason to connect them with your account.

After connecting you must maintain your connections as well, by posting relevant content they might be interested in which is related to your niche. Try interacting with their posts and engage with them to develop professional bonds.


  • Create Job Posts

Creating a job post is free on LinkedIn, having an option of paid boost within the advertising budget as well to reach more in a limited time frame. This is suitable for small startups or businesses that hire occasionally.

For mega-companies, LinkedIn has a premium paid feature called Recruiter where you can post Job Slots that unlocks even more features that helps you in recommending candidates based on your criteria, analysis, and dedicated messaging platform.

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