Top Five Colors to Rule the Design Industry In 2021

If there is one thing constant about the design industry then that’s its flare of moving forward and adapting newer trends with each passing year. The very moment you become an expert at a particular design trend, it evolves into something better and great. And so, we talked about what will rule the logo design industry in 2021 in our previous blogpost; way out to the discovery of colors to rule the design industry in 2021.

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Top Color Palettes To Rule The Design Industry

Human Hues –

Human hues are one of the top colors to rule the design industry in 2021. When we talked about organic fever in the design industry, we almost made it clear that everything natural would be in trend. Be it the natural human skin tones. And the good part is that the trends are not only seeing through basic and popular skin tones but they are focused on diversity. Every organic skin tone can be put into the list of colors to rule the design industry in 2021.


Saturated Colors –

After coping up with so much drama and sorrow in 2020, people are literally craving to pamper their eyes with something positive and cheerful. And so, among the colors to rule the design industry in 2021, saturated colors such as vivacious corals, oranges, and magentas are found at the top. These are some juicy warm colors that will surely uplift and rejuvenate the audience and captivate them like never before.

Also, a lot of designers are to use juicy and saturated colors over creamy pale backgrounds that, in particular, will enhance these colors and make them more vibrant.


Monochrome Pro –

We all know how dominant was monochrome fever in the design industry past year. well, the industry is moving a little out of the box and is expected to introduce monochrome pro among the top colors to rule the design industry in 2021. Monochrome Pro is basically white and black plus one color. This would be an incredible color trend making a superb impact over designs as they showcase one expressive color with the greyscale or black and white. It will make designs attractive while being simple at the same time.


Analogous & Harmonious Palettes –

As mentioned above, people are looking out for peace and harmony after the tiring 2020. And so, harmonious color palettes that rightly unify with each other will give comfort to the audience. Therefore, lighter and analogous palettes can be counted among the colors to rule the design industry in 2021. The palettes that will be easier to blend and typical gradients that were popular for quite a long now might disappear. Analogous and harmonious color palettes are usually a combination of shades from a similar color. And so, they seem to create a smooth gradient-like impression yet the sharp gradient feels are missing from them.


Soothing Color Palettes –

With everyone across the globe seeking out peace and comfort, soothing color palettes get to be counted among the top colors to rule the design industry in 2021. This past year, we’ve been through a lot of new things. While some of them proved to be really helpful, the culture of Zoom meetings and spending the majority of time on screen gave us a lot of headaches. However, the good part was coming to know about the colors that are soothing to our eyes and those which are not. Therefore, 2021 is, to begin with, those soothing colors for sure to make it easier for the audience to be captivated and intrigued.


Faded Color Palettes –

What does that exactly mean? Well, remember your old pair of denim jeans you love wearing even though its color has faded away? Yes, exactly. One of the great colors to rule the design industry in 2021 is the faded worn palette. This, particularly, will give an outlook of something permanent, has been through the darks and depths of time, and is still standing tough and long. And the characteristics will surely make an impact on the audience.


Recolor Your Brand This Year and Awestruck the Audience

Sure, you have made great efforts on your brand colors last year but the trends keep changing and the best practice is to evolve with time. The above-discussed color trends are majorly expected to make a mark this upcoming year and so, it feels like the right time to recolor your brand. However, if you feel like needing adequate support, you can always hire one from the available professional custom logo agencies and recolor your brand with utmost perfection.


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