Contemporary Vs. Traditional Logo Designs – What’s the Silver Lining?

Logo design is an ancient industry with a history that goes back to the dates when digitalization was nowhere to be found. It has witnessed so much modernization and evolution over time yet some traditional logo design trends still seem to be divine. There are so many designers as well as clients who consider traditional logo designs to be outdated and old-fashioned yet there are many who still can’t get over their charm. And so, comparison between the two remains a boiling topic across the industry.

Though contemporary logo designs are a lot more refined and captivating than a lot of traditional logos, some brands are so classic to complement with them modernized logos. And there come traditional logo designs to better complement with brands having classical backgrounds. Also, a lot of designers as well as clients seem to create a fine silver lining in between the two by introducing the combination of both contemporary and traditional styles.

Therefore, this blog post helps you find out the silver lining between contemporary and traditional logo designs by highlighting the following trending examples.


The Silver Lining Between Contemporary and Traditional Logo Designs

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A Hint of 80’s–

As we entered the 21st century, we all have seen how the trends of the 80s are taking a toll. From music to games and fashion to design, each of these sectors is found amalgamating their modern trends with that of the 80s and so, custom logo design is also not saved from the fever. As the brands are becoming more and more customer-centric, they are focusing on the way’s customers can be largely attracted towards their services and products. And nothing can better hit the consumers’ market than nostalgia, which is why most brands are taking inspiration from the traditional logo designs of the 80s and putting their hint into the contemporary designs. This not only helps them come up with super popular logo designs but also keeps the essence of nostalgia alive; attracting more consumers towards the brand.

Though the contemporary design trends are more in the favor of simple and minimalist logo design, brands that aim to keep the hint of the 80s alive are likely to come up with logos that are bright, bombastic, techy, and pixelated at times.

Contemporary Vs. Traditional Logo Designs – What’s the Silver Lining?

Take a look at the logos above and you can easily understand how adding a hint of 80s design trends into modern logo designs can make them look captivating yet nostalgic at a similar time.


Gradients with 3 Dimensions –

Gradients have been the most significant part of all traditional logo designs. And the good part is, they are still found popular with contemporary designs. Because modernization is the key requirement and traditional logo design trends were too good to be left behind, most graphic designers who create the best business logos have come up with a stellar solution i.e. gradients with 3 dimensions.

The old school gradients have been transformed into those with a focus on depth, lighting, and shadows which makes them a little difficult for printing, however, they look perfect on all kinds of screens ranging from basic phones and tablets to huge sized HD screens.

These modern yet minimalist 3D gradients are way too better at captivating the audience in comparison to the old flat gradients. And a good designer is the one who knows how to use the right combination of colors and contrasts when working on a gradient.

Contemporary Vs. Traditional Logo Designs – What’s the Silver Lining?

Take a look at the above logo designs and you will know how gorgeously the concept of gradients has been evolved into 3D gradients so as to complement the modern mediums of display such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and huge HD screens, etc.


Dot in Technology –

There are so many traditional logo designs that were crafted on the principles of the dot in technology. They use multiple dots and lines to create an entire design and the best part is, the principle is still common even with contemporary logo designs. The only change or evolution in the modern logo designs made upon the dot in technology principle is that they are more clean, minimal, and authentic in comparison to the traditional logo designs.

Most of the dot in technology logos are likely to be paired with a sans serif font and they are common with technology, human resources, and the medical sectors. This is mainly because the connection between dots and lines can easily represent the traveling of data across the points.

Contemporary Vs. Traditional Logo Designs – What’s the Silver Lining?

Take a look at these logo designs and understand how the dot in technology has evolved over the years and is helping craft amazing, sleek, and stylish logo designs even today.


Animation with Evolution –

Another great trend that seems like a silver lining between the contemporary and traditional logo designs is the incorporation of anime. Animation in logos was popular back in the 1930s when most brands used to own adorable cartoon characters as their logo designs. These cartoons used to be made in complete alignment with the culture and values of the respected business, and so, they used to rightly represent the functions of a brand.

Because the trend was super incredible to be left behind with the passage of time, most designers have brought in simple evolutions and are still creating amazing animated logo designs.

Most of the contemporary animated logo designs are two colored, minimal and clean, handcrafted with line art in an effective manner. They have an amazing capability to build an emotional connection with the audience and captivates them exceptionally each time.

Contemporary Vs. Traditional Logo Designs – What’s the Silver Lining?

Take a look at these logo designs showcased above and see how amazingly the old anime logos have been evolved over time and have come out as a trending style even in these modern times.


Raw and Imperfect –

Following the successful factors of traditional logo designs, asymmetrical designs, uneven lines, and shading techniques are becoming a lot popular in the current graphic design industry. Therefore, the imperfect is becoming perfect and the raw and unfinished designs are getting more attention in comparison to those finished and professional. This is mainly because the world is driving more and more towards organic and they are looking for something natural in every other thing they come across. Not just they want the pickle inside jars to be natural and organic but they also want the label or logo over the jar of pickle to be organic and raw. You might consider that as craziness but that’s exactly what your consumers are looking for.

There are so many popular logos that look non-professional to a corporate person, however, they go perfect for the consumers and so, these unfinished and raw logos are perfect for the brands dealing in consumer goods.

Contemporary Vs. Traditional Logo Designs – What’s the Silver Lining?

You might think that unfinished and raw logo designs cannot be as popular as I’ve been expressing them. Well, you can take a look at these logo designs and decide.


Contemporary Vs. Traditional Logo Designs – Which One Is Better?

Though the comparison between both contemporary and traditional logo designs has become a tolling question, they cannot be compared in particular. It is very difficult to determine the best among them and so, the designers of today have come up with a silver lining; combining the prominent features of both contemporary and traditional logo designs. Basically, most of the prominent features in modern and contemporary logo designs have been derived from those of traditional logo designs such as gradients, anime characters, and dot in technology, etc. That is why no designer can actually take up either contemporary or traditional logo design as their specialty, instead, they all have to go with their amalgamation. Being in the design industry, you’ll come across so many modern and minimalist logos that gives you a traditional vibe and a lot of fully traditional logo designs whose cleanliness gives out a modern vibe. That’s how it works, designers who are good at both the contemporary and traditional trends can easily win the game.


Putting It All Condensed –

To be short and condensed, contemporary and traditional logo design trends are interdependent. They go by each other and none of them can actually progress without the support of others. Therefore, to ensure the quality of a logo design and make sure that it rightly captivates your audience, a professional graphic designer shall keep the right combination of both traditional and contemporary design trends alive in a logo design.


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