9 Banner Designs That Can Ruin Your Business

The banner is the first thing that visitors notice on your company’s website. In fact, when a banner ad is put on top of a page, 80 percent of visitors find it to be the first thing they notice. When it comes to capturing your audience’s attention quickly, custom banner designs are unquestionably the most critical factor to consider. There are a number of aspects that go into making a good banner design, and they should all be taken into account if you have big traffic goals. However, things might go wrong at times, and you may not even realize it since you made a mistake while creating your banner.


9 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Web banners, like billboards in traditional marketing, are the preliminary form of brand promotion. It’s used for a number of purposes and is often shown on websites, social media platforms, and banner adverts. Banners use high-quality visuals and text to convey information about the company and its products and services. With the help of a beautiful banner that displays exactly the perfect amount of information, it is simple to capture the right attention.

Over the years, I’ve created hundreds of internet advertisements and web banners. I’ve also committed several errors. After taking a close look at my previous work, I’ve realized where I went wrong. This retrospection inspired me to write this blog about the most common mistakes.

Consider the following seven typical banner design blunders to avoid:


1. Grammar Error

A simple grammatical or spelling error might result in a significant blunder for your firm. When visitors read your brand name, other product names, or services on your banner, this is the first thing they will notice. And if they see any errors in grammar or spelling, they will immediately doubt your company’s credibility.

Your significant spelling error will make people laugh at you, and it may even put your firm on the map for all the wrong reasons. So, before you get a banner created, make sure you read it completely.


2. Complicated Text

The worth of your banner is mostly determined by the text. Influential businesses understand the importance of content in their marketing campaigns and carefully select it. Using too much or complicated language on your banner will never help it deliver its message effectively. All of this information can be found on a website, not a banner. Companies should be aware that too much text and data on a banner design might cause your target audience to get confused. Create a banner with a clear title and text that only shows the most important information.


3. Use Of Low-Quality Images

Pictures are said to be able to convey a thousand words in a single glance, and as visual animals, we are drawn to stunning photos. Most banner designers overlook this factor, and as a result, their businesses do not get the results they require. Using low-quality images is not an excuse; there are several free and paid photography websites where you can and should produce banners.


4. Not Matching Ad-design With The Website

The most common error businesses make with their banners is to overlook this. The website’s appearance and feel do not match those of the banner advertisements. Customers have a better idea of what to anticipate when both of them are similar to some extent, and the brand seems more trustworthy.


5. No Aesthetic Beauty On A Banner

You may not be successful in your business if your banner design is unappealing. People employ colours that clash and cause discomfort to the eyes. You must obtain a second view before proceeding with your printing procedure, regardless of how skilled a graphic designer you are or hire.

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you should take certain precautions when printing your company’s banner. Most businesses make the mistake of focusing solely on the aesthetic appeal of the banner.


6. Not Adding Any Contact Info

On a banner, your firm should preferably include or showcase at least an address, phone number, or website. Depending on the services you offer and who your target audience is, you can also connect to a social media presence. It might be devastating for your business if you neglect to add your company’s details on a banner. You should double-check that your company’s information is included.


7. Wrong Banner Size And Images

Your banner’s size and design should have a significant impact on your target audience. You must also pick how big it should be. You should also evaluate who your target audience is and whether or not it will appeal to them. People underestimate banner size and suffer as a result.

When it comes to images, individuals often publish or include incorrect images that are unrelated to the current information. This is the type of blunder that might lead to your company’s downfall.


8. No Enough Updates In Design Pattern

Most businesses make the mistake of sticking to the same banner design year after year without updating it. As a result, the banner appears to be obsolete and lacks the allure of attracting the ideal audience to conduct business with. At this point, professional banner design services may be able to help you. Expert designers know how to improve the banner by implementing creative techniques, so give it a shot!


9. Not Compressing The File Size

The best is reserved for last, by which I mean the most common. A slow loading banner can destroy your front page and even hurt your rankings, even if the design is flawless. It appears unprofessional and does not provide a good first impression. I make every effort to compress my banners, and I seldom make anything larger than 250kb. This ensures that the site loads quickly and prevents users from becoming annoyed and returning. If your site is slowing down, the first thing you should look at is the file size of your photos.



I hope you’ve learned something useful from this blog. Above the banner, design flaws should be considered because they are the source of your company’s problems. If you want to produce more leads for your organization, you should particularly concentrate on your banner design. Your company’s banner is extremely beneficial to its growth.

As a result, strive to avoid making mistakes that will result in a blunder for you and your business. Get in contact with us if you want to read more fascinating content, but till then, keep reading.


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