Six Iconic 90’s Custom Logo Design Ideas We All Miss!

Our Picks got filled with vibrant colors, abstract shapes, and bold typography with a touch of executing positive zestful energy. Yes! We are assuredly talking about the iconic 90’s logos, eye-grabbing and rememberable design ideas that are not easy to flush out. Taking a turn back in the ’90s and comparing it with the present ones is obviously, dramatically non-identical. Assuredly, we have more simplified versions of custom logo design ideas that are unlike the past. Join us as we roll back to refresh our nostalgic memories with six iconic custom logo design ideas from the ’90s still fresh and unique. Check out our best picks.

What would best designers from the past say about the minimalistic and muted colored custom logo design trends of the modern world?

Boring! Yes, they might use this word to describe the color contrasts and unattractive shapes designed today. Comparing with the iconic 90’s custom logo design trends. Today’s designs are shady, muted, and more professional. While in the modern time we are following the tip “Less is more”. In today’s time, a professional custom logo design agency believes in designing with shapes, colors, textures, and typography that brings sophistication along with professionalism.

There were just three vital elements that made the 90’s logo ideas iconic, mainly the hand-drawn and bubbly designs that portrayed a creative, fun, and friendly side of the brand. Moreover, the pastel -vibrant colors speak about the brand personality that merges well with minimal colors. The loud vibrancy of those colors fills it with energy and attractiveness. The usage of organic or geometric shapes got tremendously used in the past in the custom logo design ideas.

Here you go with the design examples from the ’90s:


1 – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

A great example of a graffiti-inspired typographic wordmark logo represents Will-Smith. Moreover, the simple serif-font representing the wealthy family are two lovely combos. That got highly popularized by the audiences. However, the artistic graffiti touch with the pink colored spray canned bleeding background created an awe-inspiring look. Moreover, the two indifferent font types got placed together beautifully, representing the two worlds cleverly. Therefore, keeping in with the overall vibe of the show. This wordmark logo broke down the tantrums of the two worlds. Also, got the famous TV show presented with the first graffiti-style logo.


2 – Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels

Stepping back to the future with Mattel’s logo was ahead of time. The custom logo design with a lot of smartness got developed to captivate the audience. Through the mix of these two intense colors, red and yellow, the logo conveys a message of speed, energy, adventure, and fire. Moreover, the playful font-style showcases the touch of graffiti with two colors and a flat design. Smartly Mattel incorporated its name in the logo that is not too clear but is available on the logo.


3 – Nickelodeon


Six Iconic 90’s Custom Logo Design Ideas We All Miss!

Splash! Who can forget the attractive splashing logo of the ’90s? The Nickelodeon custom logo design is a classic splat till this time. We witnessed the bright and bold orange color ostentatiously pairing with the playful and joyous environment. Not only cartoons for kids, but it had also shown series for the teens. That beautifully conveyed the neutral logo color. Though, this is now mostly used by fitness and youth-related products. However, their approach of using two colors with rounded sans serif typography was a new and diverse custom logo design strategy back in the ’90s. As it portrayed a simplistic touch.


4 – Cartoon Network


A brave choice by Hanna Barbera and the skillful designer Corey McPherson was to breathe life in the Cartoon Networks custom logo design back in the ’90s. It was a great move taken by the two people. The reason being that it is a kids-oriented channel showcasing numerous cartoon shows and animations. Surprisingly, the minimalistic color used in the logo got popular among the crowd and is still memorable because of its distinct color strategy. However, due to its lack of brightness and popping fonts, it might not seem like a kids’ TV channel with the black and white colors settled with Eagle bold font in a 7 by 2 grid. Surprisingly, the logo got loved by the spectators. That is why it got enrolled among the iconic custom logo design ideas in the ’90s.


5 – Toys “R” Us

Toys “R” Us

Jumping right back to popping colors with a playful custom logo design Toys R Us lives still among the most loved logos of all time. That brought the children’s dreams and lovely color contrasts to life again with their attractive color palate just focused on their young audience. To connect well with their young demographic audience, they used balloon-shaped type faced letters written in a similar font as by a child. Additionally, the backward-facing R got used smartly in the logo that mimicked to serve the connection that how a kid might have written it. This approach certainly helped to communicate the right young target audience with the custom logo design idea just introduced for the little ones.


6 – Friends


The most loved show on this planet cannot be missed out on by anyone. We are speaking of iconic custom logo design ideas from the ’90s. You cannot find a lot of detailing in the logo of FRIENDS. The simple wordmark, the hand-written type-faced logo with simple 6 colored dots in the middle of each letter. Emphasizes the categorizing of each individual in the show. Well, maybe! Whatever, the designers though you cannot argue with the logo created by him as the show is up to date the most-watched TV-series. The custom logo design stood by the time with an uber-cool simple typographic look. That now is easily being placed on mugs and t-shirts for a timeless look.


Which One is Your Favorite?

Fortunately, that era was a medley of bunkers, punk, grunge, rave scene, pop, skateboarding, and graffiti cultures conveyed heavily with the logo designs on the most popular brands. Doubtlessly, many brands that were born in the ’90s are still with us today in this era. Most of the logos were considered iconic that is why used as it is by brands. The designers of that time had the courage of testing interesting and new approaches to their designs without thinking of results. If you got stuck up with designing related ideas you know where to look.


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