Lack of Context is Why Logo Design Concepts Fail?

The importance of a logo is always evolving with the passage of time. Logo designs craft the brand identity of a business, as being the prime aspects of increasing the chances of their productive and memorable image. Therefore, businesses need to remember that lack of context is why logo design concepts fail.

As stated by David Brier a Branding Guru, “One of the first items, prospects will see, besides your name, is your logo.” Thus, this line stated by him is clearly true, as a brand originates because of their impeccable original custom logo design.

Wherefore, the examples of Adidas and Nike, colossal sportswear brands trusted by the audience throughout the globe are easily hunted down the lane in a throng of logos. The reason is their impressively engaging custom logo design.

Despite, having expert designers there are businesses that fail in transmitting their original brand idea to their potential customers. The reason being, they are unaware of why logo design concepts fail? The answer to this big question is explained below.

Reasons Why Logo Design Concepts Fail?

The next step after failure is prosperity. No doubt, practice makes things perfect but what’s the point of failing intentionally when you’re already aware of the damage. Well! To be honest, stupidity and cleverness have a thin line in between.

Wherefore, all the businesses whether large, small or newly established must focus on some major points when planning for getting a custom logo design for their brand.

Refrain from Making Low-Cost Choices

Most common mistakes while thinking of having a custom logo design is making cheap and cost-free choices. Therefore, businesses must understand the reason and importance of why logo design concepts fail?

The choice of doing the creative artwork by them, thinking it’s not something strenuous which they can’t do. Well! Trust me you, we are all for sure creative but logo designing is not a cup of tea. Therefore, if done by a professional the chances of failure might be less.

Moreover, a custom logo design has to be amongst strong pieces that captivate attention and is memorable; so for that, these tutorial websites and links are of no use. Thus, these help you for your assignments but not at all recommended for something professional. Some of the main points to the above question, why logo design concepts fail are ……

  • Getting the job done by an amateur
  • Designing a custom logo by yourself
  • Watching tutorials
  • Usage of online designing tools
  • Ignoring the importance of a professional

Designs are either simple or too complex

Fritz Gottschalk believes A logo should be ageless in thinking and appearance. Every designer must focus on his sayings, as the words are true with the essence of motivation and a path to be followed on. A custom logo design is ageless without the boundaries of the timeline attached.

However, it’s the responsibility of the logo maker to know what’s trendy and most liked. The first thing to keep in mind is the simplicity with some touch of flash. It is important to make a logo enticing for provoking audience to memorize it and choosing elements that get printed well.

Wherefore, a too complex custom logo design makes the style jumbled up with a lot of colors, images, text and illustrations. That makes the idea of the brand message unclear because of too much traffic stuffed that makes it hard to remember and recognize.

On the other hand, too simple design without any catchy feature is of no use. In order to be creative, usage of colors with illustrations, shapes, line artwork or textures are essential. Again! You need to discover the silver lining between a logo being pleasing and haunting.

Here are some common mistakes as to why logo design concepts fail?

  • Too much stuffing of context and images
  • Incorporating complex and tangling designs
  • Having too simple logo designs
  • Making designs that don’t print well
  • Restricting to age and era


Abandoning the brand Personality

It’s essential to remember that you’re designing for the client but not for yourself. In order to be on the same page, it is important to craft things that are related to boosting and increasing brand awareness among the audience.

Furthermore, the designer must know the importance of the target audience of a brand and then work accordingly. If you want your work to transit the brand message as per your concern then try to know the audience.

Ask questions from your client regarding the brand image, brand personality, brand tone and message. This will guide you in a better way to know how a custom logo design should be crafted for the betterment of the brand.

Mostly, many designers abandon the brand personality perspective having no engagement over their custom logo design. Negligence of brand personality here plays a role of dooming down the impression of the logo concepts.

  • No word related to brand with the client
  • Neglecting the brand personality
  • Not understanding the target audience

Usage of Poor Quality Images

The visual consistency is of paramount importance; hence, it is vital to incorporate images that are high in quality. Therefore, for clear display it is primary to find out pictures without water marks and use online tools for custom logo designs that are highly recommended by designing gurus.

Otherwise, some of the tools for creating these images disrupt the idea of the brand that they want to convey. Wherefore, it gets difficult for the audience to understand the real picture of the brand.

  • Usage of raster graphics
  • Usage of cheap image editing programs
  • Usage of images with watermarks
  • Usage of inconsistent images when printed

In The End

Businesses must pay attention to the importance of an original, creative and perspective based custom logo design concept. Therefore, negligence of brand personality, usage of low-quality images and choosing cheap options for custom logo designs. These will lead to logo designing concept failure, wherefore designers must omit these practices.


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