Accounting Logo Design Ideas

The logos of accounting companies are meant to reflect the idea of security, trustworthiness, and reliability. Without these elements made a part of the brand, the company can go nowhere. Hence, designing a logo for an accounting firm is a task that has to be dealt with precision and care.

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There are several accounting firms in the industry that have more or less the same kind of logo designs. A few elements are thought to be reflecting the concept of confidence and hence, are used extensively by all the companies without experimenting with new ideas. Due to this very reason the industry has driven itself into uniformity and clutter.

This article is meant to provide guidelines on how accounting logos can be made ingeniously.


Animal Emblem

Accounting logos Animal-Emblem

Animal emblems are a pretty common feature in logos pertaining to the accounting industry. These logos are known for portraying an animal such as a lion or a bull to convey the idea of strength and courage. The reflection of these elements proves to be extremely significant for a firm whose operations are based on dealing with capital/money. Hence, these animals are considerably used by various finance and accounting based firms all around the world.

Though being a great idea, using animal emblems can often drive a company into the clutter, as a lot of companies have already been using the same. Therefore; other concepts can also be considered when designing a logo.



Accounting logo Typography

The most subtle and authentic way of designing a logo for an accounting firm is that by means of typography. Typography based logos are straightforward and transparent; what the customers expect from an accounting based company. Though these logos do not prove to be extraordinary or unusual, however; are likely to enhance the recognition of the brand.

The type of the font used can also determine the type of the firm. A modern typeface is likely to highlight the idea of the firm being tech-based whereas; a softer one will emphasize on the firm’s humanistic elements such as their customer service.


Visual Representation

Accounting logo Visual-Representation

The above two ideas are the ones that a lot of companies are seen to be using. In order to break through the clutter, a firm can also opt for a visual representation that reflects the operations of the company. The icon, as a part of the logo, can have a meaning hidden within its folds, reflecting the idea of strength and reliability.


Geometric Designs

Accounting logos Geometric Designs

Geometric designs are clean and modern. These designs reflect the idea of tech-friendliness and modernity. These designs are particularly directed towards the audience that is tech-savvy and more into the technical side of the business. Geometric designs particularly prove to be helpful for accounting firms that have its basis on mobile and Internet banking. For the rest, this kind may not prove to be a great idea.


Vintage Style

Accounting logo Vintage-Style

A lot of accounting firms also possess a vintage style logo design. This proves to be immensely significant in portraying the idea of reliability and confidence. Having a vintage logo gives out the feel that the accounting firm has been in the industry for several years and hence, can be trusted by all means.

The accounting logo ideas, as mentioned in this article, are by no means the only ones that can be used as accounting logo inspirations. There are several other types as well that prove to reflect the idea of the firm being reliable and trustworthy.

The best an accounting company can do is to highlight the elements that it needs to place emphasis on while aligning them with a logo that can make those elements shine brightly. Only by means of this method, an accounting company can produce a logo that proves to be excellent and flawless.


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