Reasons Why Logo Design Isn’t Cheap

Things that are cheap, never last

Knowing that the concept applies to logo designs as well, you definitely won’t wish to get a cheap logo done. Brands are not meant to play with, therefore; investing well in a brand’s logo is a mandatory task to perform since getting it done for cheap would require it to be revised and changed every now and then which certainly doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Can’t logo designs be cheap?

Sure they can be, however; one could bet on it being of terrible quality. Less money either means an amateur or a horrific designer’s going to do the job, both of which won’t help increase the brand’s value. Hence, charging high for a good logo design always remains justified. Here are a few other reasons why logo designs aren’t cheap.

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It’s a lengthy process

A general perception of a designer is that of a person sitting in-front of the computer, playing with design tools. Not many people realize that designing is as lengthy of a process as launching a new product. Proper research, industry analysis, and study of competitive trends go into the design process after which a good design comes into being. Hence, all these efforts justify the high price of the designs that many expert designers charge.

logo process


Designers spend a lot of money and time in learning

Expertise in a field does not come while sitting idle. Good designers tend to spend a lot of money on learning the art of designing. Moreover; the time they spend, indulged in obtaining the right knowledge to perform the job, is also of great value. Therefore; selling their services, learning which took them a good amount of time and money, for a mere cost is not a cool idea.

logo designer cost


The tools and software cost a lot of money

Good graphics can only be developed using the right tools and software. These tools do not come for free, rather most of these cost a fortune to the designers. Hence, to pay off the cost of the tools, it gets vital for the designers to charge a high price for their work. After all, these tools ultimately help in providing the clients with superior quality work.

logo software


It’s not a matter of few hours

For those who believe that designing a logo is a matter of few hours, you’d be disappointed to know that that’s not the case. A single logo may take as long as a day to get designed since the process requires conceptualizing, sketching, digitalizing and finalizing of the concepts. Hence, a cost of $200 or more is fine if the client is getting an equivalent value in return.

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Experts demand more

An expert hair stylist would charge an additional $100 for a haircut compared to a beginner who may be willing to do the same job for $10. The cost of expertise is always high and it is reasonable to charge a high amount for that. With increasing years of experience, the designer tends to gain insights with respect to the industry and client’s preferences. These insights when incorporated in the design make it an instant hit. Paying a few dollars more for the sake of these invaluable insights is not at all a loss-bearing deal.

logo experts


Logo is the first step to branding

The branding of an offering starts with the logo. Everything else is built on the same and hence, it is highly important for the logo, which is the basis of branding, to be perfect. Also, a logo is the first thing that people see in a brand. The perception of a brand hence is built solely on the logo it possesses, which makes this particular element of branding the most valuable in nature. Taking in to account its influence on the branding of the business, it is vital for the logo to be perfect.

logo branding


Logos help build relationships

Logos are often made to be engaging. The designs are created in a manner that the logo appears to be relatable to the target group. Hence, in order to ensure that the logo is capable of building these connections, an expert designer who may charge high, is crucial.

logo for clients

Logos can be created by an amateur or an expert. What matters is the quality of the same. A poor quality logo will definitely be cheap, however; might result in stripping away the customers of the business. On the other hand, a high-quality logo may be expensive but will definitely help retain the existing customers while attracting new ones.


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