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Design has become the heart of every business with the impeccable advent of digitization. It can portray your brand as a professional, creative, and aesthetic entity in front of your clients. But design is expensive and getting your ideas turned into engaging designs is hectic, most of the time. From hiring an appropriate designer and bearing their cost and liabilities to guiding them about your niche and ideas, good designs call for effort. But wait, who needs to spare so much effort when you can hire a dedicated designer from Brandsdesign in almost no time. None. Right.


How to Hire A Dedicated Designer from Brandsdesign?

Brandsdesign has made graphic designing as plain, adaptable, and hassle-free as never before by pooling up all the cost-effective graphic designers together. Neither you need to spend time and budget in screening the right candidate nor you have to bear the additional costs and liabilities which come along with a permanent employee.

As simple as said, you just have to subscribe to one of the monthly packages, fill up the requirement form, and a highly-skilled designer would be matched with your profile for a month.

Either you are a solo entrepreneur with a business taking baby steps or you run an outgrowing and recognized brand, brandsdesign provide perfect packages for each of you.

Look further to know what it has to offer!

A Standard Dedicated Designer at $399 a Month  a perfectly designed package for solo entrepreneurs and small business holders, standard dedicated designer, provides you with engaging graphic designs and print marketing materials alongside unlimited requests and revisions, and live communication with the creative heads.


A Pro Dedicated Designer at $995 a Month a package designed for growing businesses and entrepreneurs that focuses on larger markets, our pro dedicated designer provides you with extraordinary and advance graphic designs including infographics, animations, google slides, and PowerPoint presentations, etc.


What’s Exceptional About Hiring A Dedicated Designer with Brandsdesign?

  • A real-time conversation with your designer, 24∕7 availability.
  • Day to day revisions and instant fulfillment of unlimited requests.
  • Highly advanced and professional graphic designs.
  • Extended money-back guarantee of 30 days.


To be short and condensed, it has never been this easy to hire a dedicated designer before. A few clicks and scrolls and an incredibly talented designer jumps into your creative team, all ready to take charge of his responsibilities, with brandsdesign. Then why waste your money and effort? Hire a dedicated designer from brandsdesign and grow like never before.

About Brandsdesign – 

BrandsDesign is an incredible design company that provides superb quality and unlimited graphic designs to a range of businesses spread across the globe.

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