How Color Theory Helps Creating Visually Stunning Logo Designs?

There is no doubt to the fact, a rightly chosen color palette is the most crucial skill required for creating visually stunning logo designs. However, doing so requires an adequate understanding of the color theory at first. A profound understanding of color theory makes you an expert in the usage of the color wheel, the psychology of colors and everything you need to craft a professional logo design. To help you do so, I have put together all the right information regarding color theory and psychology in this blogpost. Dive into it and boom, you are on your way towards creating visually stunning yet professional logo designs.

Colors are the strongest means of sparking human emotions. They can attract the right audience, inspire them with your brand and trigger them to click over your call to action button, only if used with perfection. However, these same colors can detach your audience and push them away from your brand if not used in a relevant manner. Incorporation of right colors into the right graphics while keeping in mind your brand’s values and voices are the most crucial requirement of each logo design.


What Is the Role of Color Theory in Branding? –

The colors you incorporate in your website, logo, advertisements and other relevant things are the representatives of your brand. With strong and strategic color contrasts, you can create an everlasting impression of your brand among the audience. A single hint of those colors would remind the public about your brand.

Therefore, color theory is an amazing means of understanding what colors go well with your brand and what combinations can inspire your audience at first sight. Also, a rightly balanced combination of colors can help you direct your audience towards the desired CTAs. Thus, no matter how powerful and mesmerizing design you come up with, it cannot be able to grab the right attention from your audience unless it has used the perfect palette of colors.


What Is the Psychology of Colors? –

Each different component of a logo design carries its own significance. However, colors are the ones that alone carry the major responsibility of either making or breaking your designs. Even if you have created a striking logo design, it cannot attract the right audience unless you incorporate the right colors into it. Thence, the key is to use colors that can convey your brand’s messages perfectly.

Moreover, color psychology also possesses great influence over human psychology and it can primarily impact human emotions as well as the way consumers feel about your brand. Different colors have the potential to spark different emotions and convey different messages among the audience. Thence, every logo designer shall have a strong command over the psychology of colors and how it can impact the perceptions of a brands’ audience.


What Is the Color Theory Wheel? –

This was basically a wheel of colors introduced back in the year 1966 by Sir Isaac Newton. He described the twelve basic colors in this wheel along with their further division into primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. He also described the effectivity of cool and warm colors that can be created using different shades, tints, and tones in order to enhance your designing games. However, each color or shade shall be used in compliance with your branding needs. The color wheel also tells you about which color can create what impression on your audience and spark what kind of emotions within them. Thus, all you need to do is to understand the color wheel perfectly and implement it with perfection while designing.


Colors and How They Are Perceived in Logo Designing –

The colors you incorporate into your logos represent your brands among the audience. Thus, professional brands are highly concerned about selecting the most affluent colors that can fully convey their brand’s voice and messages among the audience. Let’s undermine how different colors are perceived in logo designing.


Black Color in Logo Designs –

Black represents strength, authority, and sophistication in your logo design. It is the strongest corporate color which gives an immense touch of professionalism to your brand. There are multiple examples where black has been rightly incorporated into logo designs and have taken the brands to the higher most positions. They include Channel, Sony, Apple, Prada, and a lot more.


Blue Color in Logo Designs –

It represents freedom, peace, imagination, and dependency. Blue color within logo designs has the power to bring a sense of trust and loyalty among the audience. Bigger brands including Twitter, Ford, Facebook, Skype, etc. have used different shades of blue in their logos and have attained huge successes over time. If you are to launch a fast-forward brand with incredible modernity, then using a shade of blue in your logo can be the greatest virtue.


Red Color in Logo Designs –

Red color is quite popular for sparkling the emotions of energy, passion, power, strength, and integrity. It gives an immense attraction to your logo design which can highly engage your consumer audience with the brand. Bigger such examples of red color being incorporated into logo designs and the brands coming to a hit includes Coca Cola, Puma, Red Bull, Oracle, and Canon, etc. Thus, if you have an exciting brand to launch with an element of power and passion, using red color in your logo can do great wonders.


Orange Color in Logo Designs –

Orange color primarily depicts joy and creativity. Whenever a graphic with the right shades of orange appears in front of our eyes, we feel enthusiastic, encouraged and compassionate, don’t we? Research in psychology also reflects that orange color has the power of reducing stress and anxiety. A great number of successful brands have incorporated the different shades of orange into their logos and they include GSK, Hermes, HTML5, etc.


Yellow Color in Logo Designs –

Yellow represents happiness and cheerfulness. Any brand that aims to reflect youthfulness and other happy emotions can use yellow in their logo design. It has the immense power of spreading positivity among the audience. A lot of successful companies have branded themselves with yellow such as Ferrari, Snapchat, Nikon, etc. and they all seem to deliver a positive message among the audience.

There are a lot more colors that can be used either plain or in combination with others to create a strong brand identity. The only thing that needs to be considered is to use the color palette that reciprocates well with your brand’s values and messages.

To put it all condensed, colors are an essential component in logo designing. To incorporate the right colors into your logo design, there is an immense need for understanding the psychology behind each color as well as the real message of your brand.


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