The Significant Use of Colors in Website Design

Colors have always been a tool for attraction from the earliest times. From an infant to an old, colors attract the human brain the most.

Similarly, when it comes to designing colors play a significant role. Colors not only set the tone and mood of the design right but it also helps in attracting the viewers or customers.

However, in website design, colors can be more than just a playful time. Website designing requires a great deal of effort in its creation. To design a custom website that not only represents your business but is also the strongest tool for revenue generation, it takes lots of mind work to take place. In this blog, we are about to tell you some of the key tips about website designing with the help of colors.

Website Design; Stimulate Emotions with Colors

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The best thing about colors is that each of them triggers some kind of emotion. Designers these days have great knowledge about the use of colors. Whether it’s about creating a logo, website or any other marketing collateral, colors have intact its significance due to its ability to bring out emotions.

This blog is all about letting our readers know which color to use in terms of bringing the targeted emotion out of a targeted audience.

So without further ado, let’s begin with the power of colors in website designing and what emotions each color brings out:

Red; The Color for Power and Significance:

The ultimate color to grab attention is Red. The color not only stimulates alarming emotions from viewers but is also great to make wandering viewers attentive.

Website designs that carry the color red signify that the website deals with services that require a great deal of attention or importance.

Therefore I believe website designers should play more with the color red to increase engagement on their clients’ websites.

Orange; The Color The Displays Friendship and Energy:

It’s safe enough to say that the color orange is the most versatile among all. This color, when used in website designs, symbolizes that the company itself is energetic and friendly.

Other than this, orange color-themed websites throw energizing and enthusiastic emotions.

The popular soda brand Fanta uses the color orange for its brand to display cartoonish and friendliness.

Yellow; The Color Depicts Enthusiasm and Happiness:

Yellow having lots of shades can stimulate different kinds of emotions.

Yellow, when used in a lighter shade, gives out positivity and friendliness. When a darker shade of yellow is used in the creation of website design for the brand then it gives out a sense of comfort.

Yellow is a color that also pleases the eyes of website visitors when used in website design templates.

Blue; The Color That Shows Calmness and Reliability

Similar to the color yellow, blue also has different shades that give out different emotions.

While different shades of blue play differently with emotions, the universal blue provides a sense of calmness and trust.

It is because this, mega networking sites like Facebook and Twitter use this color to build trust with their customers.

Other than this, big organizations use a darker shade of blue in their branding and website design for the reasons stated above.

Black; The Color Combining Power and Sophistication:

You can’t create a website design without having the color black in it. However, sites that are fully designed with the color black as a major aspect in designing tends to throw some solid shade of sophistication and class.

Moreover, then the color black when paired with white automatically displays the professionalism elegance of the organization that the website represents.

 White; The Color Showcasing Cleanliness and Simplicity:

Sites that want to fashion minimalism uses the color white as their primary color in the website design.

The color is also great to catch the attention of users who come wandering by to your website.

These were some of the colors that we believe are greatly used in website designs to increase engagement on the site. However Professional Logo Design Agency in Australia, America and around the globe have expert graphic designers who know which color should be used in which particular website’s creation.


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