Tips to effortless logo design trends in 2022

Looking forward to the new year is one of our favorite aspects of the end of the year. One of our favorite methods to do so is to look at the logo design trends that are gaining traction and are poised to take over in the coming year. If there is something we have learned about the logo design from the past years is that everything is unpredictable. Moreover, the things that were considered out of date in the past years are in style now. As we all are aware of the cyclic nature of trends, we can see that brands are now reconsidering old-school designs with a little sprinkle of modern touch.

Now, when we are heading towards 2022, we all are ready to move forward with refreshing ideas in mind, we are ready to think with a new perspective. Or I’m at least! Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are starting a new business or thinking about an update, keep in mind that your logo is the visual face for your developing brand. And also, the part through which people are going to recognize your brand.

As we are entering into the new year, you should go beyond your creative boundaries with only one thing in mind that your logos should be created for the long run. Regardless of whom you think of working with, either you hire a designer or create your own logo, you need to keep in mind that your logo should be designed in a manner that it can best represent your brand personality. Furthermore, it should be timeless so that it can develop with your business in the long run.

So, without waiting more let’s get to the top design trends to watch out for in 2022.


11 exciting logo design trends in 2022

In the year that is coming up, we are going to see brands establishing their online existence and attracting their audience in more fresh and inspiring ways. In 2022, we envision the following logo trends encouraging firms to develop their unique personality while nostalgically reliving earlier concepts.


  1. Gradient
  2. 3D logos
  3. Animation
  4. Nostalgic feeling
  5. Consistent color arrangement
  6. Hand carved details
  7. Brushstroke
  8. Scaly look
  9. Focus on typography
  10. Classic look with black and white



Let me tell you it is not the new one if you started thinking of me as a storyteller. Actually, they are coming back as for the past few years. And fortunately it is not gonna go any time soon. From site backdrops to borders and, obviously, logos, this pattern has persisted throughout all digital art domains. It is kind of a design feature that is developed when different colors fade together gradually into one frame. The design might range from monochromatic to different colors mingled together. It doesn’t matter what color you use, they should be compatible together. Gradients may provide depth and complexity to your logo, and are the polar opposite of flat logo design.

An easy and efficient technique to discreetly enhance your logo is to include your brand colors in a gradient. Note that the secret to successful logo design is that it must appear beautiful at whatever size and in every environment. While utilizing gradients, this might be tough, so if you’re going to try it, make sure you apply it in a moderate approach.


3D logos

We are aware of the fact that the Y2K design came back along with the revival of 3D logos. These designs were so popular in the 2000s at the time when skeuomorphism was at its peak, it is a design notion when the design objects were made as per the real life items. At the time, the usage of three-dimensional design aspects made the transfer to the digital world easier. Skeuomorphism, on the other hand, was deemed momentarily dead and rendered outdated when flat design appeared on the picture.

3D logos are beginning a new, polished form in order to grasp this logo trend in 2022. Curved edges, slight fading, shadows, and gradients can all be used to alter your logo in a subtle and significant way. However, do you know what is the most effective way to attract an audience? It is by developing your logo with intensity and standpoint. And, if you want your logo to seem more professional, fresh, and modern, it needs to keep it simple and as minimal as possible.



We have seen the popularity of animated logos as the big and small companies were getting desperate to create more effective versions of their logos. Ever thought of why this was so popular? Animated logos serve as a medium for storytelling, providing a productive chance to give context and vitality to your inactive design. Also, give you the chance to show the total ingenuity which might provide your brand with a creative lead on your competitors.

You can tackle the animation complexity from a simple move to an entire video. Just keep in mind that you need to remember everything regarding your business objectives. And also how you can make your animated logo asset work according to your business strategy? Moreover, you have to think of your intended audience as well. In this busy modern age where people get distracted pretty easily, you have just a few seconds to get their attention. Otherwise, you won’t stand a chance.

However, authenticity is the key element if you want to stand out in this logo trend of 2022, just keep your brand identity in mind and make sure that your logo speaks for your brand personality. You can only present your animated logos digitally so make them suitable and let them live the best on your social pages.


Nostalgic feeling

Whether a fashion groove or a website design trend, we can see those old fashioned logos coming back with the little sprinkle of modernism. Either we talk about the 80s colors or it’s an evocative grunge of 90s, the modernistic hopefulness of something is there. Want to know the secret of making your logo seem cool? Just kidding there is no secret, you just need to add your own personal touch to your style. It means that if you want to include a nostalgic vibe in your logo design, make sure you are utilizing it in a way that it contains both authentication and the brand message of course.

Moreover, you can mix and match the old and modern components balancing each other in your logo. For instance, combination mark in which they used a classic serif font paired with ultra-modern logo shapes. Just imagine pairing two colors such as white paired with grey or you can give your logo a vintage look that can make it outshine from the competitors.


Monochromatic color arrangement

This is the only kind of style which always comes back no matter what. A subtle, polished, and adaptable monochromatic color arrangement is always going to impact the brand’s design. Generally asking, do you know the meaning of monochromatic? The answer is when you decide to go for a monochromatic scheme, it means you can use just one color in your logo. You may think your logo is going to appear so boring, fortunately, it is entirely opposite of what most people think.

Anyhow, color scheme matters in your logo design. And if you are thinking of using one color in your logo, you need to choose color wisely as you know that each color has a different emotion attached to it. You may want to know the color trends in 2022, let me tell you that it’s bright, cosy, and earthy. You can see that in most of the logo designs. We know that everybody wants to play with colors and want to be updated but choose according to the personality of your brand and always stick to the brand message.


Hand-carved details

A hand-carved logo, as the signature, is a one-of-a-kind statement which gives you extra artistic versatility and, as a result, accurately conveys your business personality. Hand-drawn components give your logo a human touch, making it more friendly and approachable to those who engage with it.

In the year 2022, people discover elegance in imperfections, and hand carved design provides a sense of genuineness to flow over. Hand-drawn components often can seem fresh and natural, even purposefully sloppy to convey a feeling of realism. Their elegance and flexibility, on the other hand, can significantly enhance a logo design.



Brushwork adds a true quality to brand design that is both graceful and rustic. Brushwork creates a feeling of motion and force using beautiful lines. This approach is adaptable and may be applied to a variety of aspects in your logo design, such as an acrylic painting background or a cursive font.

We’re observing a movement toward loud and rich color palette, dense subtle shading coats, and brief erratic brushwork producing complex overlapping patterns to adapt brush strokes to the new year. Brush strokes will also be delicately used in typesetting to design new typefaces and writing.


Scaly look

Blending is a graphic approach for giving your logo more rich descriptions. Layers that are skillfully created lead the attention, bringing part of the design to the forefront while leaving other components in the backdrop.

Textured character logos, transparent implications, plus fresh curvatures will be seen in 2022. Layering should be done with intention in order to enhance instead of clutter the entire look and feel. It’s pointless to slap elements with each other without thinking about the aesthetic consequences or the marketing message it communicates


Typography focused

Lettering logos has always been popular, and a vast spectrum of typography trends are expected to emerge in 2022. In logos as well as marketing, anything from formally known serif fonts to stylish script fonts is being used.

Letterform and wordmark logos composed solely of text are indeed a simple, traditional alternative that exudes efficiency and assurance in practically any business. The typeface you choose for your logo may assist in communicating your brand’s story, so choose carefully to discover one that both represents and can evolve with your company.


Classic look with black and white

More black and white logos will be seen in 2022. Don’t let their restrained simplicity deceive you—black and white trademarks are forceful, sophisticated, and, in some ways, timeless. Classics, basically, rarely fall down in trend.

Halftones can help enhance distinction in a black and white logo, or even produce an even more striking illusionistic look. Contours and reflections can be used to deliberately communicate concealed knowledge or to create new shapes to create a balanced appearance. Spots and strands can also be used to create the sense of texture or alter the aesthetic viewpoint.


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