Important Factors in Building Brand Identity

Offerings hold no value until they are refined and turned in to Brands that earn the company the profits it desires. Brand, though not tangible, is an element that can make or break the ideals of a company, depending upon the care and consideration bestowed to it. Also, a brand possesses a monetary value which reflects its popularity and penetration in the market it operates in. Hence, a brand’s identity is of immense value and needs to be handled with attention and care.

Building a brand is an intricate task that requires a great deal of time, knowledge, and insight. Hence, considering the brand building process to be a bed of roses can cost a company a fortune, which makes building a brand’s identity a crucial task. In order to get started with the process of brand building, a few significant factors are vital to be taken in to consideration. These factors will hence, be the focus of this blog.

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• A Unique Idea

A unique idea is the most basic requirement, for a brand, for the sake of having a blooming identity. There must be several brands in the market, fighting for a share of the total pie, however; why is it that a few of these brands succeed in stealing the limelight? The reason lies in the fact that these brands have a unique idea backing it. If not for its uniqueness, brands are most likely to get stuck in the clutter while losing their profits to those with a strong idea supporting their brand. Therefore; exclusivity is the key to building a robust brand identity.

Brand Identity Unique Idea

• A Positive Perception

Perception plays a huge role in shaping the image of a brand. A brand’s image could be conceived as negative or positive based on the perception of the customer. Hence, the perception of the customers, need to remain positive so that the brand stays strong. A negative association is often destructive and not appreciated at all when it comes to brand identity. In case if a situation has caused the perception of a brand some damage, it is advised that the company should go for repositioning for the sake of its own betterment. If not given due attention, all the future efforts in such a brand are likely to go down the drain.

Positive Perception - Branding

• Simple Consistency

A consistent brand image is necessary to be delivered to the client for the sake of developing and maintaining a strong brand identity. A brand tends to sell its offering through various mediums, both online and offline. These mediums require different levels of efforts to impart awareness with respect to the brand. Though the level being different, it is vital that the message delivered remain unified for the sake of avoiding confusion. Be it social media, advertising, or the brand’s logo; all of these modes of communication are expected to convey a single message.

Positive Perception - Branding

• Tapping the Customer’s Touch Points

The customers are a brand’s focal point that bring for it profits of tremendous value. However; attracting these customers towards a brand can be tiring and difficult. In this regards tapping the touch points of the customers has remained the sole interest of the management since forever. Knowing what the customer wants, their problems, and their desires, a company can mould and polish their brand to make it a perfect fit for their buyers. This way the brand will not require an enforced push rather a little bit of awareness and customers will automatically be directed towards the brand.

• Informing the Internal Customers

The final and the most important factor to build a brand’s identity is that of imparting the knowledge of the brand to the employees of the company. These employees can also be referred to as internal customers. These are the people who directly or indirectly are involved in the marketing of the brand hence, if they themselves are not aware of the purpose that the brand serves or the problems that it is capable of solving, a potential chunk of the sales would be lost. Therefore; the staff is the basic key to a brand’s marketing and should be guided and informed of all the decisions taken at the branding level.

Informing the Internal Customers - branding

In a nutshell, brand identity is a sensitive yet significant part of a brand. It can be considered as directly proportional to the growth of the brand, which makes it an element of great interest and attention. Therefore, looking after the same is important for a firm for the sake of reaping the maximum benefits.


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