6 Marketing Lessons I’ve Learned with 6years of Digital Marketing

It’s a roller-coaster ride. With some spectacular lessons & challenges. From affiliate marketing to SEO and digital marketing. I’ve experienced digital marketing with full-swing.

Along the way, I’ve learned a lot. And I’m thrilled to share the lessons with you. What’s the point of keeping the information to myself. I’ve come a long way & it would be great to see someone get help from it.

Here are 6 lessons which I would like to share with you. These are not just random lessons, these are lessons learned from overcoming challenges, pain, and joy.

  • Start Thinking outside the box

There is an ocean out there. Brands are either floating or drowning in the sea of internet. With chaos all over, it’s nearly impossible to stand out if you don’t start thinking outside the box.

Problem-solving is a must-have skill for the year 2019. If you cannot think through problems, you will not be able to survive in this world. I’ve realized this early enough and created a department for this. For those who think that you can drive away with ordinary things, it’s important to mention that there will be a lot of challenges along the way and if you don’t invest time in thinking things will get hard for you.

  • Keep your eyes on the grand prize

What is the end result you want?

Before starting a campaign or even a project keep the end-result in mind. Visualize the thing that you want. I’ve learned this while I was working for a logo design agency. It was a creative firm, I was amazed by their creation process. Everything they did was well-thought & based upon what they need in the end.

For instance, after the initial client meeting, the designers and marketers sit down and brainstorm ideas. This was my favorite part. I could open to my grand ideas and present them in a way that everything understood it. Everyone worked on this single goal. What was the end-result & how can this option affect on the end result?

  • Don’t be the dinosaur

There is stiff competition out there. You cannot take the liberty to sleep over your competitors.

Being a Dinosaur means that you know everything, and you don’t need to work on new ideas. If you sleep or even take a break, competition will move forward without giving a chance to compete.

New technologies are emerging every day. With social media platforms, there is unlimited opportunity to grow and outdistance the competition.

You must try harder on trying things and monitoring the results. If the results are in your favor, good. If not, you need to change the approach and try with a different angle.

  • Technology changes, humans don’t

Technology is changing at a rapid rate. On the other hand, humans are not changing at all. Regardless of how successful you become, there will be critics. And you cannot do anything about them.

What you can do is understand the technology better than your competitors & make a mark for it.

Get along with people. Learn the art of getting along with people.

If you learn how to deal with people, it will be good for your brand.

When you start a business, you’ll learn a lot about people management. Ensure that you take that learning and make good use of it.

  • Prefer Quality over quantity

Previously it was okay to go with the quantity. But now people understand the difference. If you want to compete with brands of today, you need to compete over quantity.

Don’t take anything for granted. Create things with love, care, and time. If your product takes time, don’t rush things. It will only decrease the quality of your product.

Plan things and do it with love.

  • Work Smarter, not harder

It’s totally fine to work 18 hours a day if the hours that you’re putting in are giving results. If not, what is the point of working long hours?

You must decide and figure out how to do things faster without sacrificing the quality of the work.

You must find people who can do work faster than and better than you.

To conclude it all

If you don’t learn things, you won’t grow. Learn from your failures. And try again with that learning in mind.

Sometimes you must learn things yourself. No other person can teach you anything. You must learn from it. Go forward with a plan and learn from the people around you. Take every project personally and give your best to it.


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