Top 5 Logo Design Principles To Help You Dominate Your Competition In The Year 2019

There is a story behind every good logo. When we see logos of most popular brands we are not just seeing text, font, and shapes, we are witnessing and experiencing the story behind it.

Logo design is an art. The brands who take time in designing a logo value and understand the impact of a good logo on the customer.

It takes months to craft a logo which can be recognized and memorized by customers. To accelerate the process here are 5 logo design principles which will kill your competition and help you to earn trust of customers in the year 2019.

There are five principles that you should follow to ensure that that the logo that you design make real impact. Even if you have a logo, you can make little adjustments to the logo with these simple principles.

  • Relevant

Before you even start sketching a logo for a brand understand the values that the brand is offering. Now, keeping this values in mind come-up with some relevant logo design elements. For instance, if the brand is selling toys, use childish fonts and bright colors.

The second thing to keep in mind is that it’s not necessary to use toys in the logo or cars if the brand is selling cars. Is there a mobile phone in Nokia logo? Or a bike in Harley Davidson logo. Not at all. It’s all about identification. Whatever you create should be relevant to the brand values.

  • Simple

Complexity is a sure-shot brand killer. If you want your logo to create an impact, ensure that it’s simple. From the fonts that you use to the shape that you’re willing to use. Being relevant doesn’t mean that you use complex shapes which represent brand values. Even simple colors, shapes, and fonts can leave a great impact on the customers.

  • Memorable

Once you’re done with simplicity, the next-in-line is memorability. If your logo is not memorable it will not create an impact that can keep you away from the competitor.

Human brain is trained to associate things with already familiar items. If the logo is linked to some everyday item, it can easily be recognized and memorized. A simple logo which is relevant to the brand and consist of familiar shapes can be easily memorized.

  • Timeless

Have you ever noticed that great logos leave the same impact to every generation? If the logo is viewed in the past or the future, it will create the same feeling for anyone who is viewing the logo.

In short logo needs to be timeless. The logo should contain evergreen colors and shapes which are ageless. Every element of the logo needs to create the same intensity regardless of the timeframe that it is viewed in. Ask yourself, will the logo be effective 10, 20 or even 50 years from now?

Trends come & go but if the logo is well-connected to the brand values it might survive every for several generations. Look at Pepsi, Coca-Cola, their logo is alive for several generations and more to come.

  • Versatile

What if the logo that you designed looks good on your mobile but if the same logo is stretched to a brochure, pixels are damaged. If yes, you need to consider designing the logo in vector format which can lead to better visibility and people can check it on every medium.

Ask yourself; will the logo be okay on mobile and on brochure. If it is okay to go with, you can make the logo in a way that it doesn’t have much detail.

To wrap it all up

A logo is not just something you can get away with. It’s something which will establish the reputation of your brand. As they say, you only have one chance to make the first impression. If the logo does not follow any of the above principles it will be difficult for people to remember your logo.

The year 2019 will bring more challenges to the logo design industry, that’s why it is important to keep these things in check while you design your next logo. These are simple principles which can be easily followed without giving so much energy. Follow the principles and see your competitors banging their heads for more recognition.


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