How to Design a Book Cover Page

Readers are known to be shopping with their eyes. Hence, the book covers that are the most attractive prove to be selected for purchase.

Due to this very importance that these cover designs hold, authors are seen to be placing immense focus on designing book covers that are great. However; this is a task that does not make it to the skill sets of an author. An author may be great at writing, however; is not meant to be good at designing.

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Hence, the designing of a book cover should always be handled by the one who is an expert in the domain. Book cover designers are graphical artists who can help authors come up with perfect designs, for their books, that are professional and up to the mark.


Design a Front Cover for a Book


The guideline for producing creative book cover designs is pretty simple and straightforward. Here is a brief overview, of the same, for authors who wish to get a cover designed for their book.


Know the Author


Before starting off with the designing of the cover, a designer should always dig into the details of the author. Whether the author’s a beginner or has he been writing for a long time, is a question that is vital for each designer to answer. This information helps set the bar for the cover design; if the author is a first-time-writer, any design is likely to do, however; if he is not new to writing, his readers must be having some expectations from him. In such a case, it is vital for the designer to fulfill the customer’s expectations via studying the designs of the author’s previous books while coming up with a design that matches his type; something that bears a familiarity to the author’s style.


Identify the Genre


Knowing the genre, when coming up with an attractive book cover design, is again an important task to perform.

Each genre, as a matter of fact, has certain pictorial aspects that help explain it in a better manner. These pictures remain relevant to the genre and help in giving out the idea of what the book might contain. A novel based on romance is likely to show a couple in love whereas; a book based on fantasy will portray the landscape of a strange place with bizzare characters.

By pointing out the specifics of each genre, we do not suggest that the designers cannot experiment with other ideas. The field of graphics is vast and the freedom to design is a feature that graphic designers have the right to embrace at all levels. Hence, designers are free to experiment with ideas, however; only while staying true to the essence of the book.


Understand the Requirements of the Channel


A book does not necessarily sell in a bookstore. With the boom of the Internet and websites launching a space for bookselling, books have started selling online as well. This new trend has allowed designers to experiment with new styles for the sake of making the cover designs standout on that particular medium.

For a design that sells on the Internet, the style of designing would be a bit different from the one if the same were to be sold in a physical store. On the Internet, only the front side of a book would be visible and hence, all the efforts of the designer are to go into making the front perfect. Also, since the image of the book cover is to appear in the form of a thumbnail, the designer needs to plan out which elements to enhance in size and which to let go off when working on a cover design that is to be displayed online.

Book cover designing is an intricate task as it is the cover that has the potential to get the bookselling. However; with the best book cover design ideas at one’s disposal and a great designer to go about with the task, a great book cover design is certain to come into being.


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