How to boost your YouTube Videos Rankings?

Every content creator on YouTube dreams about their channel being enlightened with massive engagement and an extremely high fan following. Handling a YouTube channel is not as easy as it seems. It requires a couple of things that you need to perform right to make your YouTube videos stand out from the clutter.

If you are facing low reach on your videos, don’t worry! Your videos will get noticed eventually if you follow these step-by-step guides, which will assist you to increase the engagement on your videos.

Our YouTube Marketing Specialists adopt these tactics to uplift new startup channels on YouTube.

Let’s dive into the assets which will help us to learn more.


  • Research on Keywords to determine the Trends

Nearly 90 percent of people search on the internet to find similar videos according to their niche. It’s one of the best ways to search for similar keywords and analyze trendy keywords depending on your demographics.

You can start by typing the keywords in the google search bar to identify that what kind of content people are searching for?

Research on Keywords to determine the Trends

Another best way to search for keywords is using YouTube’s search bar, it seems pretty basic and easy to use, but it provides extremely important keywords which can provide you a range of ideas depending on your niche, and also provide you with some keywords to blend under your video description.

Research on Keywords to determine the Trends

You can also use websites like to determine the popular keywords depending on the niche.


  • Construct Titles with Secondary Keywords

Try including the keywords in your titles, which increases the probability of getting your video ranked. The best length of your video title is between 70 – 80 characters, so try to make your titles short and constructive.

Also, try adding using secondary keywords in your video title, some of the examples of such secondary keywords are mentioned below.


  • The question arising with solutions proposed (What is – How to – Where)
  • Listing off facts and figures (Top 6 tips to – Best ways to – 13 DIY)


You can use many variations depending on your niche, but these are the general keywords and the best ones which contribute to getting massive reach.

Keep in mind that your title should define your video well, don’t use random titles to grab attention. Using unrelatable titles might affect the image of your channel.


  • Use Keywords in your Description Effectively

YouTube video descriptions are most important when it comes to the keywords, sometimes the YouTube algorithm might rank your video depending on the keywords you placed in your description.

You can write up to 5000 characters of detailed information about your video. Make sure you are not bombarding your description with keywords, that may limit your video from gaining more reach.

You can insert keywords in your description by adopting any of the following ways.


  • Write a detailed paragraph about your video inserting your primary keywords in it
Use Keywords in your Description Effectively
Source: youtube-creator academy
  • Links to related gadgets or videos and social media links
Links to related gadgets or videos and social media links
  • Timestamps to your videos if it contains multiple sections

Timestamps to your videos if it contains multiple sections

  • Make Appealing Thumbnails

Thumbnails also play a part in your video’s success, because that’s the first thing user observes. They act as a hook to make people click on your video. If your thumbnails are well designed and catchy enough then, the probability of getting more impressions on your video gets higher.

Some of the best tips to make your thumbnail design appealing are mentioned below

  • Use high-quality pictures
  • Avoid using pictures from the internet, always use authenticated original pictures relating to the video content
  • Use bold and constructive keywords or titles in your thumbnails so the readability of your title is greater.
  • Use graphical content according to your niche
  • Stick to a dedicated theme
  • Keep it minimal
  • Don’t use clickbait trying to make people click on your video, that leaves a negative impression on your channel’s history.
Make Appealing Thumbnails
  • Add CTAs in your Videos

CTA’s stand for a call to action, which means asking your customers to perform a certain action. You can try adding green screen videos to increase the engagement of your videos.

You can try adding a “Subscribe Us” animation during your video, and a “Like the video” popup, if your viewers find your content fascinating then they would love to subscribe to your channel for more of your similar videos. The types of CTAs can be different depending on your niche, but here are a few general CTAs you can use to boost your video’s engagement.

  • Subscribe Us
  • Hit the Bell Icon
  • Like the Video
  • Comment Below (leave them with a question and ask them to comment below)
  • Share the Video via external links

You can also promote your YouTube videos on other social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and direct your audience from there to your YouTube account.

Add CTAs in your Videos
Add CTAs in your Videos

YouTube marketing is one of the important services the digital marketing services have to offer. Do try our consultancy to get your YouTube channel configured easily and managed by YouTube professionals.