Logo Design Ideas for Apparel Industry

The apparel industry operates on aesthetics and hence, attracting customers towards it requires a strategy that focuses on appeal and charm. Talking about appeal, logos can perfectly fit into the definition of the same if designed in the correct manner.

The apparel industry is largely known for its fascinating and elegant logos that prove to be successful in instantly grabbing the attention of the customers. Also, this industry is quite popular for its minimal apparel logos which are mostly letter marks; though exceptions do exist.

Though the design trends in the industry may be the same for all apparel brands, however; a point of differentiation is always a mandatory requirement. Hence, here are a few tips that could make your clothing logo outshine others.

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Focus on your specialty

successful brand identity

Each successful brand contains a specialty of its own that it is willing to communicate to its customers. The first interaction that a brand makes with its target market is through its logo and so this makes the brand logo a perfect medium for conducting the communication task.

A good apparel brand is always willing to highlight its focus through its logo. A cartoon based iconic logo will always suggest the clothing brand being for kids whereas; an elegant typography will build the perception of it being a luxurious brand. Hence, highlighting the specialty of the brand through its apparel logo design is often the right decision to make.


Keep it elegant

Logos for clothing brands

Logos for clothing brands ought to be elegant. Complexity ruins the image of the brand while making it difficult for the customers to comprehend the brand as welcoming and approachable. Moreover; complex logos never make it to the subconscious mind, of the customers, quickly and hence, the recognition process takes a long time than expected. This low recognition could adversely affect the brand since the customers may not familiarize themselves with the brand upon an encounter with it.


Make the right use of colors

logo colors for clothing brand

Colors help a lot in shaping the image of the brand. Hence, the use of the right colors is the most important task to execute.

Different colors reflect different feelings. The task of the brand is to link its image with the most relevant color(s). Here is a list of the feelings that each color indicates.

• White is the color of purity and hence is perfect for night time clothes
• Black reflects authority and is often the color of clothes pertaining to the corporate setup
• Red stimulates excitement which makes it perfect for lingerie’s
• Orange is a jolly colors and hence, is perfect for party wear


Logo should be size-friendly

logo sizes for clothing brand

A good logo is the one that does not lose its features even after its size is tweaked. An apparel logo may be required for social media, billboards, or even tags attached to the fabric. The billboards, as a matter of fact, require a large sized variation of the logo whereas; the tags must need the same in small size. Taking in to account the variations required by the fashion design logos, it is important for it to be size-friendly. Size-friendly in this context means that the clothing line logo should not pixelate when enlarged neither should its elements merge in to one another when reduced to a nominal size.


Get the job done by an expert

logo experts for clothing brands

Even though logo designing is not a difficult task if you have an idea in mind, however; quality would come only if the job is bestowed to an expert. Hence, in case if you cannot make your own clothing logo, there are several agencies in the market that have employed professional staff for taking care of the design work of its clients.

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Focus on your specialty

Also, by letting go of the design work, the company can focus on all the tasks that are important to the launch of the brand.

A logo is an essential element for a brand. The fact remains the same for the apparel industry while making clothing design logo’s creation an integral part of the brand launch process. Great logo design ideas contain in them everything that the company feels is vital to be communicated to its audience.

The above mentioned list is by no means extensive and hence, there are a lot of other things that should be taken care of when designing a logo. However; for starters, focusing on these elements is sure to give you an idea to start with the designing for the brand.


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