Brandsdesign Guide to Build a Brand in Three Steps to Uplift Your Image

Undoubtedly, everyone on earth as we speak of a business or a person or even you! Has a brand. Even though you know it or not, but this is the truth. Thence, the impressions we leave on people invoke their memories and perceptions that decide how they feel about us. So, yes, we all function as brands without even knowing it. Now just for a while start thinking about the importance to build your brand’s image in the public for a lasting impression.

Branding your business can help in uplifting your image in the perceptions of the customers. Hence, branding is a core promise you make with your customers through various visual and written cues. Therefore, this is when your branding wants to meet the mark to build a presence in the clutter.

Branding gives you a chance to elevate your brand through a set of multiple memorable features that help the fulfillment of every promise you make with the audience. The image people have of you influences their decisions thus, here you go with an incredible brands design guide for uplifting your brand in just five steps. Herefore, it is essential to grab the opportunity that lies in front of you.


Push Up Your Brand with Brandsdesign Guide

Before shooting, marketing tactics remember you want to build a brand first and then think of something else. Most gigantic businesses first strive to escalate their brand image and brand awareness. Everyone down the street has a corporate entity that ends up building brands. Additionally, one of the most top misconceptions among businesses regarding brand awareness is that it generates more sales, capture new customers and convert them into loyal purchasers. Herefore, this is not the case every time. Branding creates a positive, enriching lasting impression on your audience with the idea of consistency.


  • Uncovering Your Brands Purpose and Target Audience

Doubtlessly, every business must know what they are offering and to whom they are offering. Explaining your brand’s purpose is significant because you explain and inform your audience regarding the market offerings and services you provide. Well! Good branding means communicating well with your audience and understanding their point and sharing yours with them.

Before you start with branding, remember that whether you want to make money or increase sales. As huge brands like Apple and Adidas believe in making their branding presence stronger rather than making billions. Once you dive with the idea of building a brand name, you can easily hunt down millions of customers.

  • Adidas’ purpose is to build a community of leaders that unite the planet with healthy communities with an equal opportunity to play and win.
  • Apple believes in empowering the world with creativity and self-expression through its mobiles, computers, and tablets.
  • Starbucks sells coffee with the idea of flavors to reach throughout communities.


Brandsdesign Guide to Build a Brand in Three Steps to Uplift Your Image
Brandsdesign Guide to Build a Brand in Three Steps to Uplift Your Image

According to many professional branding services, you should not just sell the product but must try to make a difference around the globe. That is how a brand builds its image. Remember! You can never be successful in branding your name if you are not clear with a purpose.

Moreover, before launching your brand in the market as per the brandsdesign guide and multiple surveys, it is essential to research your competitors. Knowing about some questions surely helps your business in building up gigantic.

  • Who are your rivals?
  • What are they offering?
  • What is their audience?
  • What is Your Targeted Audience?
  • Where are you selling?
  • How are you offering your services?
  • How does your brand do it?
  • What is Your branding image?


Uncovering Your Brands Purpose and Target Audience

Some of these questions can help you out in your branding game. Therefore, it is good to uncover your purpose and target audience for a clear vision and mission.


  • Create Your Brands Personality

For standing out from the clutter numerous professional branding services advise creating a brand’s personality. Adding human traits with the brand’s personality is one of the best solutions to uplift your brand in the brandsdesign guide. You need to come up with a brand positioning statement that you don’t have to market anywhere because your presence, unique name, personality, and image will do that for you.

Create Your Brands Personality

Here you go with the five best personality traits for your businesses.

  • Sincere – Speaks the truth in a thoughtful way that leads to believing the brand’s message such as Leopard who promises to remain consistent with its message and accomplishing to provide great postal services throughout the globe.
  • Competent – Speaks with knowledge and never hesitate to showcase strength, power, and the urge to be the leader. Just like Uber among the transport services.
  • Rugged – A brand that is rough but not a bully, try to think of it as a sports brand. Like Nike and Adidas.
  • Sophisticated – Not pretentious but well-groomed and elegant just like Tiffany and Co
  • Excitable – This personality showcases energy, excitement, and spirit like Spotify and Johnny Walker


Create Your Brands Personality
Create Your Brands Personality
  • Get a Great Look for Your Brand

In today’s digital age your brand’s look plays a vital part in escalating your presence amongst the audience. Therefore, everything discussed up till now is as important as a great look for your brand. Visual branding needs to be focused on entirely unique ideas including some basic features for your escalation.



The colors of your brand are as important as a great brand name. As colors grab half of the attention of your audiences and makers them stare at your name. moreover, brand colors are more eye-pleasing attribute because it defines your brand’s emotions and feelings. Such as Mcdonald’s that conveys the aspect of a family environment for cherishing happy moments while dining. Also, Coca-Cola attracts the audience with its sharp red color that conveys power, excitement, passion, and energy. Here for great color choice helps in defining your brand’s presence and is embossed in the customer’s mind.



Your brand’s logo is the most excellent part for your audience to engage and remember it. Since it helps in creating the brand’s image in the minds for a long-lasting impression. So, when they see your logo from far, they are able to recognize you among the mob. Therefore, every brand must get a custom logo design for vocalizing their existence. As it needs to be unique, super attractive, easy to recognize, and uncluttered with multiple images, fonts, and colors. According to professionals a custom logo design helps in engaging the audience and distributes your creative aspect such as Netflix’s logo is a wordmark that announces it’s existence by highlighting the alphabet N in red color that presents energy and excitement.


Brand Name and Tagline

Name and Tagline

Don’t forget to choose a catchy yet engaging tagline along with your unique brand name. Focus on the brand name so that when your audience calls it out, they remember it for their whole lifetime. Herefore, choose a brand name that talks about the services or products it offers or do keeping in mind customers’ interests.

  • Apple – This is a brand, not a fruit, that sells various digital communication gadgets like computers, mobiles, and tablets.
  • Amazon – This is also a brand that and not the river but like the Amazon River, its services run through like water around the globe as it provides online shopping facilities

These two massive giants through their catchy and simple brand names showcase their brand’s vision and message beautifully. Therefore, each and every brand must think of something exceptional that is appealing and caged up in minds. =

Here you go with some approaches to get brand names.

Name and Tagline
  • Combine two names together such as WordPress and Quicksilver
  • Use a non-related word like Shell, this is a petrol station.
  • Usage of an acronym – if your brand name is made of various words then keep it short like NASA and HBO.
  • Change the spelling of the word slightly like Dunkin Donuts
Name and Tagline

However, before finalizing your new business name it is advised by professional branding services to checkout with others for an idea.

Final Words! Build a Brand

Without an amazing branding strategy, you cannot survive the idea of building a brand that is forever living. With this brandsdesign guide try to make a statement and gain brand recognition. Follow these three simple steps for a great brand image ahead. Try to create trust, bonding, and consistency in your brand’s personality as explained in the brandsdesign guide.


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